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Sermon Subscriptions

You can listen to sermons from Beacon using a podcast app. Podcasts make it convenient as they will allow your device to auto-download new sermons as they become available. They also save your place in the sermon if playback is interrupted. Many apps are available to do this function. Below are just a few popular/simpler ways to do get a podcast on your mobile device.


Google Play Music

Use the steps below to add the podcast to your Google Play Music account. You can follow the same process on your android phone as long as you have the updated Google Play Music app.

  1. Visit the Play Music Podcast page
  2. Hit Subscribe


Using Beyond Pod Android app

Use the following steps on your Android device.

  1. Install Beyond Pod on your Android device  
  2. Then, tap the menu icon NormalAppImage(2)
  3. and tap "+ ADD FEED". 
  4. Tap the icon in the upper right corner to add a custom feed: NormalAppImage(4)
  5. Tap "Enter feed address"
  6. Type or paste in the url:
  7. Tap "Save"
  8. Tap "Sermons"
  9. Enjoy!



Use the steps below on your Apple device to add the podcast.

  1. Touch this link:
  2. Hit Open
  3. Hit Subscribe

Optional iTunes page:


Raw RSS Feed

If you have another application you'd like to use and just need the URL to the RSS feed, you can use this link to do so:

Check out this site for additional details on RSS and for links to other RSS readers.