Sunday Service @ 10:30 AM
Fellowship Groups @ 9 AM

Location: 850 Terrace Ct, St. Paul, MN



One Church service is held every Sunday at Beacon of Hope. We have on-site parking in a few locations. See below for details.

Beacon of Hope Church
850 Terrace Court
Saint Paul, MN 55130


The main entrance for the worship service is located in the rear of the building. Parking spaces are available in the rear of the building, along the building on the street, and in the north parking lot.


Fellowship Groups

Sunday morning fellowship groups meet in the following locations. See the Fellowship Groups page for meeting times and information.


Worship Entrance

Use the double doors as the main entrance to the worship space on the lower level. Through the doors, you will find a welcome table. Morning worship meets at 10:30am. Access to the main entrance is through the back parking lot.


If you have any questions, please Contact Us.